The 100% electric mobility experience.

The easy way to get a car – exactly when you need it.

Avant2Go packages

Enjoy driving without owning a car.

What is Avant2Go car sharing?

Avant2Go car sharing is an effective way to cut and manage your mobility expenses.

  • •   Pay only for when you actually use the vehicle.
  • •   Electricity and insurance are already included.
  • •   In your neighbourhood and city, for driving to the airport ...
  • •   State-of-the-art electric vehicles for any rental period.
  • •   No vehicle ownership or running costs.
  • •   A mobile app for using the service.

How does Avant2Go work?

3 easy steps for new mobility


Become an Avant2Go member

Pay the one-off registration fee.
Visit one of our shops.


Reserve a car

It’s easy with the iOS or Android mobile app.
Choose the location you want.
Unlock your chosen car and start driving.


Enjoy the ride

Enjoy the ride with 100% electric vehicles.
BMW i3, Volkswagen Golf, Renault ZOE, Nissan Leaf and Smart ED.
No noise and no emissions.

How to become an Avant2Go user?

Register, sign contract and enjoy the ride.

Download Avant2Go app and register

To quickly and securely register and pay, download Avant2Go app. Click “Become an Avant2Go member” to go to app download section.

Train for knowledge

Learn the basics of electric mobility and our vehicle fleet at an Avant2Go training session.

Visit one of our shops

After completing training, visit any Avant car d.o.o. shop in Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj or Murska Sobota and let us take care of everything necessary.

Where can you find our offices?

Avant Car Dubrovnik Airport
Dobrota 24
20 213 Čilipi
Mon – Sun: 07:00 – 21:00
+385 20 773 178
Avant Car Dubrovnik
Hotel Rixos Libertas
Liechtensteinov put 3
20 000 Dubrovnik
Mon – Sun: 08:00 – 20:00
+385 20 641 890
Avant Car Zagreb
Green Gold centar
Radnička cesta 54
10 000 Zagreb
Mon. – Fri.: 08:00 – 16:00
Sat.: 8:00 – 12:00
Sun., holidays: zatvoreno
+385 1 6454 290
Avant Car Zagreb Airport
Ul. Rudolfa Fizira 21
10 410 Velika Gorica
Mon – Sun: 07:00 – 21:00
+385 1 6251 225
Avant Car Zadar Airport
Ulica I/2A
23 222 Zemunik Donji
Mon – Sun: 07:00 – 21:00
+385 23 351 008
Avant Car Split
Trumbićeva obala 16
21 000 Split
Mon – Sun: 08:00 – 20:00
+385 21 783 711
Avant Car Split Airport
Cesta Dr. Franje Tuđmana 1270
21 217 Kaštel Štafilić
Mon – Sun: 07:00 – 21:00
+385 21 895 075

How much will car sharing cost you?

Avant2Go car sharing is an effective way to cut and manage your mobility expenses.

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Join us now for only €19* €29

The unique experience of driving state-of-the-art electric vehicles. No recurring monthly or annual fees.

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Pay only for when you use the vehicle

Membership is automatically renewed and valid until cancelled.

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Small prices, big savings

Rental price includes insurance, fuel, running costs and free parking at Avant2Go spots.

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Need a car for a longer trip, a weekend, a week or more?

Excellent discounts and special benefits are available only for Avant2Go members.

Where are the Avant2Go locations?

Spots where you can pick up your Avant2Go vehicle

Let your mobility be our concern

Whenever - 24/7, four cities, Ljubljana Airport, more than 250 electric vehicles.

Advantages of Avant2Go car sharing

Easy to use, savings, available 24/7, environmentally friendly

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Free-of-charge parking

At the end of your drive, park your car at an Avant2Go location where there will be a free parking spot waiting. This helps you avoid the discomfort and stress of a time-consuming search for parking.

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Environmentally friendly

Drive only 100% electric vehicles – without any harmful CO2 emissions, with the possibility of using renewable energy sources, free from noise and smelly exhaust fumes.

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Easy to use

Find an available car and reserve it using the Avant2Go mobile app. The first reservation (15 min) is free. Use the app to end your rental and settle the final cost.

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Available 24/7

For any problems, our Avant2Go support team is always ready to help. Available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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Big savings

The rental price includes car registration, insurance, fuel*, running costs, vignette, loss of value, free parking at Avant2Go spots and more.

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All inclusive

The rental price includes car registration, insurance, fuel*, running costs, vignette, loss of value, free parking at Avant2Go spots and more.

Avant2Go 100% electric vehicles

Latest models, technical perfection, driving pleasure.

BMW i3

The BMW i3 features true sports performance (0–100 km/h takes 7.2 seconds) and BMW’s signature driving pleasure. This is the first mass-produced car with a carbon-fibre body. Designed with the environment in mind from the first to the last step.

Renault Zoe

The Renault ZOE features a 41kWh lithium-ion battery with a range of up to 370 kilometres. Thanks to its spaciousness, safety and charming design, this car is very popular with our female users.

Smart ForFour ED 2019

For the first time in the history of this model, the electric Smart has four seats. The fact that it is made in Slovenia makes it all the more important to us. The Forfour is 80cm longer than the Smart Fortwo, which means more space for luggage, and it also offers two additional seats. These can be folded very efficiently, allowing the Smart to accommodate even large travel suitcases.

Smart ForTwo ED 2019

The Smart Fortwo is a car with a very strong cool factor. This cult vehicle is still nicely at home in cities. The length of the new model has remained unchanged – 2.69 metres. The car is extremely agile (a record small turning circle), has superior visibility (large windows) and is easy to drive (a higher seating position and even acceleration).

The Avant2Go app, the key to your new mobility

Manage your car sharing with the iOS or Android mobile app.

Find the closest location.

Choose the electric vehicle model you want.

Reserve your car.

Lock or unlock your car.

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End your rental.

Settle your rental costs.

Monitor rental statistics.

Get in touch with the Avant2Go support team.

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iOS Business google play

**Charging Avant2Go vehicles at Avant2Go charging stations is free-of-charge for users.
However, if you charge the electric vehicle at home, the cost is about €1 per 100 kilometres driven (when charging using the off-peak tariff).

Avant2Go training

Everything about e-mobility and Avant2Go in one place

New mobility and global trends

A hands-on demonstration of how the Avant2Go app works

A functional demonstration of the BMW i3, Renault ZOE, Smart ForTwo, Smart ForFour and Volkswagen Golf.

Demonstration of electric vehicle charging

Short test drives

We want every member of our family to have the best knowledge and to enjoy the best user experience with the Avant2Go service. That is why Avant2Go team offers to all of the existing and future Avant2Go members an opportunity to attend a dynamic training workshop which is a result of over seven million kilometres already travelled with 100% electric vehicles.

You will learn all about the simplicity of electric mobility. For example, did you know that electric motors are about four times more efficient than their petrol counterparts? That any household mains socket can be used as a charging station? That an electric vehicle is incredibly easy to drive because it only has one gear? And that electric vehicles outperform many sports cars in terms of acceleration?

If you would like to attend our dynamic workshop, feel free to contact us via 080 12 23 or support@avant2go.com.

Avant2Go team

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